Conventional Oil Pumps

Conventional oil pump systems are mainly used out of price and robustness reasons. The Trochocentric gearing systems have advantages over the today's used technology.


Advantages of TPV's gear Technology


  • The Duocentric-IC gear system has a higher displacement with using the same dimensions like a common Gerotor
  • The Duocentric-IC gear system has low noise emission and a low pulsation
  • The inner rotor can be used as engine lubrication pump without a collar. It can be placed directly on the crank shaft!

Field of application


Conventional oil pumps are used in following application:

  • engine lubrication oil pumps (directly placed on the crank shaft or in the oil sump)
  • automatic transmission oil pumps (AT pumps)
  • double clutch transmission oil pumps (DCT pumps)
  • CVT oil pumps
  • other application as cooling or lubrication oil pumps