Oil Pump systems

TPV's oil pump systems are used as engine lubricating pumps and as transmission oil pumps in passenger cars worldwide. The market share of TPV's oil pump systems in the automotive industry is:

  • in Europe: approx. 50%
  • in South Korea more than 75% at Kia and Hyundai
  • in Japan in transmission oil pumps approx. 75%
  • in North America, the market penetration has started with STT Technologies Inc., Canada
  • South America: TPV's oil pump systems are running in VW and Ford engines


Due to the growing customer demands TPV developed variable flow oil pumps besides conventional oil pump systems. In A/T transmissions the proved Trochocentric gearing system is used further due to low noise and pulsation emissions. The oil pump systems will be designed for every application with the optimum gear set dimensions in order to be efficient, low in emission and low in fuel consumption.

Automatic Transmission

Continuously Variable Transmission

Conventional Oil Pumps

Double Clutch Transmission

Off Highway Equipment

Regulated Oil Pumps